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Welcome to Noah's ARC, the home of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

The Guidon of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
The Guidon of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

Noah's ARC is the home of all those that served in The 14th/20th King's Hussars - the finest Regiment of the British Army in which anyone would ever want to serve. The Regiment was amalgamated in 1992 with the Royal Hussars (PWO) to become one of todays Royal Armoured Corps regiments The King's Royal Hussars. But today we are proud to boast possibly the largest ex-members club of old comrades from any Regiment past or present.

Our aim is to perpetuate the memory of the 14th/20th King's Hussars and if ever you marched behind our Guidon you are most welcome to join us. If you did not, we equally welcome you in visiting us.

Our Purpose

Noah's ARC Reunion 2018 News

The website along with the Facebook pages is going to be constantly updated so as to keep you all informed with the plans of your annual reunion so please keep an eye on all platforms. If you have any questions please contact the Chairman or one of the committee members.

CLICK HERE for the forum regarding the reunion

CLICK HERE for more information

Northern Reunion - The King's Royal Hussars

The weekend of the 12th November 2016 saw many of Noah’s ARC members travelling all over the country including places such as London to march past the Cenotaph and Garstang, Preston for the annual King’s Royal Hussars Northern Reunion. The reunion, which used to be the only reunion for members of the 14th/20th King’s Hussars, had over 100 in attendance.

To represent the Regiment Major Gary Wills (OC Support Squadron) and the Regimental Sergeant Major Lee Ashton were in attendance. Also attending were Brigadier Price, Colonel Peter Garbutt and Lt Col Peter Harman.

Many members arrived on the Friday prior to the reunion once again catching up on things that had occurred since their last meeting. With the Barton Grange Hotel restaurant providing such high-quality meals, and a well-run bar it is easy to understand why.


Saturday saw many others descend upon the hotel, the bar was busy for most of the day prior to the formalities of the reunion getting underway. Once everyone had gather Daryl Cartwright gave a 15 minute and five-minute fanfare before everyone entered the dining area.

Once grace was given the meal was served, congratulations to the chef on a magnificent Lamb dinner.

After the meal Brigadier Christopher Price gave a short speech to all and introduced Major Gary Wills who, on behalf of the Commanding Officer, informed every one of the Regiments undertakings in the last 12 months and the current plans for the next 12 months.

It was then time to leave the tables and move to the bar area where many other Hawks and members of the regiment had arrived making the evening one for all to remember for a very long time to come.

Regimental Rosette

Congratulations to Bryan Lythgoe and Paul Wigmore who were both presented with the rosette at the reunion on Saturday night by Brigadier Christopher Price.

Sunday 13th November 2016

A sombre day of Remembrance saw many serving members of the King’s Royal Hussars attend, something I personally am very grateful for. It showed that the regiment does still hold this event in high esteem.



Everyone gathered outside the hotel at 10am and under the Regimental Banner carried so proudly by Michael (Dusty) Fogg and under the control of the Assistant Regimental Secretary Major Steve Penkethman marched to St. Michael’s Church where a service of remembrance was held and wreaths were laid.



After the service, everyone gathered around the Columbarium where Sgt. Phil Baldwin, Cpl Brian (Dutch) Holland and SSgt Anthony Francis Cornes (Charlie) were interned, a very sad day for so many, may they rest in peace.

Regimental Rosette

Congratulations to Bryan Lythgoe and Paul Wigmore who were both awarded the Regimental Rosette at the reunion on Saturday night, very well deserved.

View the full list of awards:

Hawk on a Walk

Bryan Lythgoe completed his Hawk for a Walk sponsored walk on Wednesday 25th and is now back at home recovering befoe returning to work on Monday. Although the event is complete your contiued sponsorship is appriaciated and very welcome. The total currently stands at over £4500 and climbing, lets see if we can get him over the £5000.00 mark.


Regimental Flag - Noah's ARC

As you all saw at the reunion I had a surprise for all members in the form of a flag, stressful and harder than you would think. I have written a page on the making of the Flag, I hope my memory is right. The question at the end of this is How does British Industry survive these days?

Please take a look and read the page and share any thoughts you have on the forum.

The Noah's ARC Flag

Regimental Snare Drum Comes Home

The committee recently came to rediscover a snare drum that was used by the regiment through Darren Walker. The Drum was found to be on sale in a shop in Leeds.

The committee held a vote and agreed to bring the Drum back home and purchased it on behalf of Noah's ARC. The Drum was on display at the 2016 Noah's ARC annual reunion. If you see or hear of any other regimental artefacts please contact the Chairman or one of the committee members.

CLICK HERE to see the Snare Drum

Darren Walker's Fight with the effects of GWS

Darren Walker did a presentation to the Royal British Legion on Saturday 19th March 2016. To view the presentation please click on the link below

Visit to the King's Royal Hussars in Tidworth

The weekend saw some of Noah's ARC's members visit the King's Royal Hussars in Aliwal Barracks. The regiment was magnificent and could not do enough for us for which I and everyone else is most grateful for. If you are interested in what happened please click here or follow this link.

Noah's ARC Newsletters Online

We are now making the Noah's ARC Newsletters available to you online the letters are all going to be in .pdf format so you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your equipment.



Minutes of Noah's ARC Committee Meetings

One of the policies this committee wanted to introduce was allowing all members of Noah's ARC to read the minutes from any committee meeting we have, well we do act on you behalf. The minutes are not doctored in anyway and everything said is listed on the minutes.

If you would like to read those minutes please go to the Committee Minutes page on the Noah's ARC website. this link is ONLY available on the homepage.

Since the meeting Rachel Walker was asked to join the committee as she has done so much for us, she has agreed to do so. Welcome to the Committee Rachel.


Northern Reunion and Remembrance Service - The Barton Grange Hotel 2015

The Regimental Northern Reunion and Remembrance Service took place in Barton, Preston during the 7th and 8th November 2015.

On the evening of the 7th November many former members of the 14th/20th King's Hussars (and members of Noah's ARC) gathered at the Barton Grange Hotel to sit down and enjoy a fine meal and conversation around their tables with friends.

At the end of the meal Brigadier Price informed everyone of the closure of HHQ(N) and its functions being moved to Winchester with Major (Ret'd) Steve Penkethman. He also thanked Ms. Jenni Pennell for all her service to the Regiment whilst she worked at HHQ(N). Jenni was given honorary membership of the regiment in gratitude for all her hard work and service to the regiment at the Home Headquarters in Preston.

Wreath on the left on behalf of Noah's ARC

More images of the Parish Church of St. Lawrence

Lt. Col James Porter(Commanding Officer of the King's Royal Hussars) said a few words on how the regiment had performed over the past year and what they would possibly be doing in the next 12 months.

After which everyone retired to the bar area and continued to enjoy themselves until the early hours.

On Sunday Morning everyone marched at 10am to The Parish Church of St. Lawrence in Barton for a remembrance service. The Banner of the King's Royal Hussars led the way to the Church in the capable hands of Michael (Dusty) Fogg and was presented to the Chaplin at the beginning of the Service.

During the service Wreaths were laid by all parties, including one on behalf of Noah's ARC by the chairman of the committee.

At the end of the service the Banner was returned to Mr. Michael Fogg and everyone moved to the columbarium for the Interment of ashes: Lt Col Brian Draper MBE, Sgt Eric Hill, Tpr Thomas Davies.

President of the Noah's ARC

The committee are please to announce that Denny Draper has accepted our invitation to become President of the Noah's ARC Committee.

The committee look forward to working with Denny in the coming months and years ahead.

Welcome Denny (Click Here)

A Day For Everyone to Remember
Armed Forces Day


The spontaneos rendition of 'Sussex By The Sea' by the group of 1420H lads assembled for a photograph added to the wonderful spectacle of KRH exercising their Freedom of Preston.

This video courtesy of Andy Prunty CLICK HERE [Wait for it to load]

You can see a fine collection of photos here:

Sussex by the Sea
The Guidon Party
The Regimental Rosette
The Regimental Rosette

Awards to our President and Chairman

The Colonel of the Regiment, General Sir Richard Shirreff KCB CBE, has approved the awards to Brian Draper (Regimental Rosette Number 70) and to Bob Harrison (Regimental Rosette Number 71).

"This is in recognition of your significant contribution to the Regimental Association through the establishment of Noah's ARC its Presidency and Chairmanship for so many years."

The awards were made prior to the passing of Brian Draper and sadly could not be presented to him personally.

Bob says "I am honoured and proud to receive this most coveted award. It will be worn with pride at every occasion that presents itself."

The presentation to Bob Harrison was made by Lt Col Peter Garbutt during our 2015 Noah's ARC Reunion.

The Regimental Rosette
Presentation of The Regimental Rosette

Mr Brian (Drac) Draper MBE

Loss of Our Club President

We are deeply saddened by the death of Brian (Drac) Draper. Brian has suffered great pain of late and at 13:50 on 8th May he passed away peacefully with his wife Denny, Son Lee and daughter Natalie, at his bedside.

Drac Draper

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The National Memorial Arboretum

National Memorial Arboretum

National Memorial Arboretum

National Memorial Arboretum

National Memorial Arboretum
Proposed Site

The Eagle Has Landed

For many years some of our Members have campaigned for a representation at the NMA of our Regiment.

Today (12/12/2014) I'm pleased to report that Darryl Cartwright (representing club President Drac Draper) and I (representing Sir Michael and Lady Palmer), and attended by HRH the Duke of Cambridge, witnessed the unveiling of the dedicated paving stone to the 14th/20th King's Hussars.

It is not yet in its final resting place in the yet-to-be-built 'Heroes Square' (which could be as much as 18 months away), but it was pleasing to see us finally represented within the NMA.

In addition to the 1420H stone, the Paving Stones of the KRH (represented by Col Peter Garbutt (Reg Sec) & Captain James Scott) and The Royal Hussars (represented by Col Tom Hall & John Cook) were also unveiled.

The 14th/20th Paving Stone
Special Ops Heroes

Special Ops Heroes

Bill Bentley MM - 14th/20th King's Hussars

Bill Bentley is famous for several escapades that I know of, but mostly for:

1) Rescuing an injured Argentinian.
2) Rescuing a comrade whose leg Bill had to remove the remains of, with his pen-knife.

Bill served in the 14th/20th King’s Hussars from August 1972 until February 1979 but was detached for about four years with the Para Sqn and at Hereford. He has revealed his time at Hereford for the first time ever in the public domain, because it will in any event come out in a new book, written by Lord Michael Ashcroft, called 'Special Ops Heroes'.

The book contains quoted extracts of Bill’s own version of what actually went on at the battle for Goose Green, down in the Falklands, in 1982.
All profits from the sale of the book 'Special Ops Heroes' will go to forces charities.
It’s available as a Hard Cover and as a Kindle download and you can order it right away here:   Special Ops Heroes

299th Anniversary

9 November 2014 - Our 299th Anniversary

From Dormer's Dragoons to...

* 1715 - As James Dormer's Regiment of Dragoons our regiment were immediately
        mobilised to fight the Jacobean Rebellion at Preston in Lancashire.
* 1751 - 14th Light Dragoons
* 1798 - Granted the Prussian Eagle
* 1861 - 14th (King's) Hussars
* 1922 - Amalgamation with 20th Hussars to become the

14th/20th King's Hussars

A Hawk in Ireland

A Hawk in Ireland

By Geoff Hutchinson

With kind permission from Geoff Hutchinson we are pleased to publish his personal memoirs of "A Hawk in Ireland"

A good read for everyone who served in our Regiment, especially those who served tours in NI. Thank you Geoff.

You can read the Document here: Click Here

Our Latest Honorary Member

Thapa Nam Sing, 6th (QEO) Gurkha Rifles

Thapa Nam Sing, 6th (QEO) Gurkha Rifles

Having corresponded with Thapa for a few years (Medicina connection) I'm pleased to welcome him as a Honorary Member of the 14th/20th. An Olympic Boxer and a legend amongst the Gurkha community he is most welcome.

He says:
"My dear Mr. Robert Harrison and all members of 14th/20th King Hussars Regiment's Association, I find a great surprised once arrived from Nepal in evening on July 15, 2014, Hong Kong my wife told me there is a parcel then found the wonderful King Hussars Regimental T shirt, special badges and a token letter. I really appreciated, thanks a lot. I am very proud and very glad on wearing your famous Regimental T shirt. I am deserving your gifts with great dignity, regards and respects. Once again many thanks. It's wonderful."

Namaste and welcome, Saheb

Our New Facebook Group

The Home of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
The Home of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

The Home of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

Our Forum is still thriving but it has become clear that there is a huge migration to Facebook as a Social Media exchange service. Noah's ARC have taken steps to ensure that internet safety is paramount and so our group on Facebook is a 'Closed' Group. You need to be an approved Member of our Group in order to be able to see comments.

You can apply to Join here: Click Here

Honorary Colonel of Noah's ARC

Major-General Sir Michael Palmer KCVO

We have a Honorary Colonel

Well, two actually. We are pleased to announce that Sir Mike & Lady Palmer have accepted our appointment as "Honorary Colonel" of Noah's ARC.

Sir Mike's desire is that the name and memory of the 14th/20th King's Hussars lives on for ever. We could not ask a better reason for joining us than that.

Full details here: Click Here

The Regimental Band of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
The Band of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

Members of Noah's ARC attending our reunion next year are in for a special, extra-special treat.

We are happy to announce that our Regimental Band will play a concert at Hotel Sheraton on Saturday 26th April 2014.

...which will blow you away - these guys haven't played together for decades

"Sussex By The Sea", Regimental Marches, and some extras that you will not want to miss ...definitely not to be missed - book in now if you haven't done so already.

Click Here
New Sticker and Lapel Badge

New Sticker and Lapel Badge?

Would you buy these badges?

Noah's ARC have been granted the rights to use this famous pony & hussar image of Norman Thelwell within our items of clothing etc. Kicking off with "if you ain't..." windscreen sticker, and a soon-to-follow lapel badge, you can follow discussions on our Forum.

You can follow our Forum discussion here. Click Here

National Arboretum Memorial

National Arboretum

Is this Our New memorial?

We will soon see a new Memorial dedicated to the 14th/20th King's Hussars placed in Heroes' Square at the National Memorla Arboretum. Design options for our new paving stone are now closed in favour of the image shown left. Including the title within a scroll it truly represents our Regiment's cap badge.

You can follow our Forum discussion here. Click Here

The Heroes of Ramnuggar

Friday 22nd November marks the 165th Anniversary of the Battle of Ramnuggar. On the 22nd November 1848 on the banks of the Chenab in the Punjab, HM 14th Light Dragoons fought a savage battle in order to force the Sikhs back across the river. Colonel William Havelock led his troops not only to the edge of the river but into it, where they became almost immobile and suffered heavy losses including the loss of Colonel Havelock.

Our regiment still 'celebrates' that battle today, so I ask all visitors to join us in a salute to- "The Heroes of Ramnuggar"
You can join in the Toasts in our Forum Click Here   or   See Ramnuggar Today Here

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